About Shawna

Shawna L’Heureux


Shawna L’Heureux is the Founder and CEO of Skincare by Shawna – a holistic approach to solving the most complex and stubborn skin issues. The ‘go-to’ expert for acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, and aging skin issues, she is well-known for her personalized consultations and tailored protocols.  Shawna has completed extensive training with leading experts in skin care and nutrition, including 20+ years as a certified esthetician and 13+ years as a certified holistic nutritionist. Her areas of expertise include practicing and mentoring in esthetics, advanced skin analysis, oncology esthetics, microcurrent & light therapy, and make-up artistry.

Shawna is certified in holistic nutrition and educates on the correlation between diet and healthy skin.  Every personalized skincare regime includes nutrition and supplement recommendations.

Shawna is passionate about skincare, holistic health, self-development, and personal growth; her quest to remain current in her field is ongoing. Her pursuit of knowledge is instinctual and motivated by a sincere desire to provide the best results for her clients.

A proud Canadian of Metis/French and Polish/Ukraine heritage, Shawna lives and works in British Columbia on the territories of the Cree, Dene, Dunne-Za, Kaska, Saulteau, Tse’khene, Tahltan, and Tlingit. She also recognizes the Metis Nation BC members who live in this area of British Columbia.

Shawna is the ‘real-deal’ when it comes to skin care. Shawna…

… is a sleuth and will look for cause and effect before suggesting a product.

… cares about you and your skin. She does not hand your concerns to a salesperson whose priority is to make a sale.

… knows of what she speaks. Her expertise and continual quest for knowledge keep her updated on the latest products/processes.

… makes the process easy. Phone call, email, text… Describe the issue and the products arrive. Never disappointed.

More About Shawna

  • Currently: Esthetics Instructor at Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek, BC
  • Professional Project Administrator – Royal Roads University
  • Former Spa Owner and Operator, Zen Mountain Float + Wellness
  • Professional Spa Manager – Spaformation
  • Certified in Advanced Skin Analysis using the Pastiche Method – Internationally Recognized Pastiche Training with Florence Barrett-Hill
  • Certified Oncology Esthetician – Oncology Training International with Morag Currin
  • Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner ™  – Cindy Smith AEP ™
  • Certified in Micro-Current and Light Therapy – The Microlight Institute with Darren Starwynn, O.M.D, and Jane Mann, micro-current specialist.
  • Certified Esthetician – MC College
  • Certified Make-up Artist – Blanche Macdonald