Mini Skin Evaluation

Personalized Skin Care

Supporting your skin health and skin-related needs is my top priority. My e-commerce store allows you to easily purchase your favourite skincare products. 

The quickest way to have your product questions answered is through email. Please send me a message here.

I also offer free 15-minute phone calls to answer quick skin care questions, or you can book a 45-minute Virtual In-Depth Skin Analysis. Please book from the link at the top of the page. 

Professional & Proven Skincare Products!

  • dermaviduals® creates unique, custom formulations, combining proprietary ingredients into one personalized mixture to accommodate each client and their distinct skin considerations.
  • Prana SpaCeuticals believes that it is imperative to follow the laws of nature in order to enhance the quality of the skin through only the finest, all-natural ingredients. 
  • ClearChoice is a results-driven clinical skincare line that utilizes botanical and highly active ingredients proven effective to achieve physician-grade results. 
  • Jane Iredale – The skin care makeup. Samples can be arranged for colour matching. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

In Gratitude,

Shawna L’Heureux

Mini Phone Skin Evaluation | 15min | Free

virtual mini skin consultation
Clarify your product questions with a FREE mini consultation.

Not sure which skin care products will take care of those pesky skin conditions and concerns? No problem! I’m here to help! Take advantage of this complimentary 15 min chat to determine which skin care products are recommended for your skin type & condition and clarify simple skin care questions.

Not Appropriate if you have advanced skin care concerns that require an in-depth conversation, please book a Virtual In-Depth Skin Assessment.

Why Take Advantage of My Free Skin Analysis?

Nothing beats personalized recommendations! You’ll get my personal, professional insight on which product will best address your current skin conditions. Depending on skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc.), skin goals, and your personal desire for a beauty regimen, we can come up with product recommendations that would best match your situation.

What Is Not Included in this Consultation?

This quick assessment will identify products that  best suit your skin concerns and create a quick free plan for skin care products. Its focus is not on analyzing your skin in complete depth. If you have more complicated conditions such as acne, rosacea or deep wrinkles, the free consult wouldn’t be enough for you. I offer a full assessment (45 minutes) for discussing these types of skin concerns in more depth, and matching you with suitable product recommendations to add to your beauty regimen.

Why Professional Skin Care Products?

The benefits of professional skin care products compared to store bought alternatives are countless. You can much better address your exact skin care needs compared to treating your skin with something that “works for most”. And can you really put a price on feeling beautiful, youthful and healthy in your body?

Small sample packs are available upon request (and for a small fee). Ask me about special offers on new products, too!